When should you consider redesigning your website?

Many small business owners make the mistake of overlooking the need for a website redesign while tending to the daily demands of the company.   Although a redesigning your website may seem insignificant in comparison to the other items on any business’s to do list, I can guarantee you it is not.

Your website is your only employee working for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week and, in today’s technological world,  it may be your first and only chance to make an impression on anyone interested in your product or services.  But how do you know if your website is in need of a website redesign?

bad web design vs good web design redesigning your website example


The majority of users who visit your site will spend only seconds on your homepage before clicking off, leaving you little time to grab their attention and convey enough value to engage them.

If your site is cluttered, crammed with long-winded text, features beveled and embossed fonts, Flash intro, auto-play music, low resolution stock images, or animated sidebars, it is time to invest in redesigning your website.

User Experience

In 2016, 56% of traffic to top websites were from mobile devices, making it clear that a responsive website is needed to ensure user experience’s on their devices.

If your website requires mobile visits to slide left to right or zoom in/zoom out of the page in order to view, interact, or access site feature’s, then a new responsive design should be a chief priority for your company.


Outdated Technology

Ian Mills, from the Huffington Post, states one human year is the equivalent to at least four internet years, but website platforms and systems don’t always keep up with its progression.  Whether it’s a widget, plug-in, or content management system, all features on your site should be current and up to date.

If the tools on your site aren’t up to modern functionality standards then you could be driving away visitors, be exposing yourself to security breaches, and inviting unwanted hacks.

Business Goal Changes

Although you don’t need to consider a redesigning your website completely each time you adjust your marketing goals, it is a good idea to make sure your website is still catered towards your targeted audience.  If you were targeting 20-30 yr old in 2000, are you targeting now 30-40 yr old today or does your website need some updates in order to attract the 20-30 yr old age range of today?  Does your website capitalize on today’s technology by utilizing social media, online reviews, and subscriber email lists?  If your website is not integrating new technology into your business, it may be hard for you to keep up in your industry.

The quality and style of your website design is a direct reflection on your business image and should evolve and change as your business grows and technology progresses.  Remember, your website is meant to bring you business.  If it’s not doing that, it’s time to partner with a  good web design company to make the tedious task easier and start using the most effective marketing tool you’ve got!

tips and tricks for redesigning your website

Some guidelines for your website during your redesign:

  • Color – Don’t use too many hues.  Keep your color palette between 5-6 colors.
  • Fonts – A maximum of three typefaces in three sizes (Headings, paragraph, links).
  • Graphics – Use only high quality images that compliments and creates a visual balance with the written content.
  • Written content – Keep sentences clear and direct.  Make your web page scannable by using meaningful headers, limiting paragraphs to 70 words or less, and use bullet lists appropriately.
  • Hierarchy – Place your important information on the main pages and first on the pages.
  • Familiarity – Make your site easy to navigate through by being consistent with color schemes, layouts, and menus.  Keep the navigation simple, most users will not explore beyond three page levels for information.

7 thoughts on “When should you consider redesigning your website?”

  1. It’s so important to update with the times. I work for a digital marketing company and we do website development as well. But from a personal point of view I think about when i’m looking for a company or product to do something for me if their website looks outdated I almost exit immediately. It was probably something I did without thinking before hand but now I notice it.

    1. Thank you for the great feedback, diadarling! Our industry advances fast, from design to development. The trends change every year, as well as the platforms we host them on.

  2. Its so important to make sure you are keeping up with the times. A good redesign of your website can give it a well needed face lift. I just redesigned my website and i have been getting so many great reviews.

    1. I’d love to see it, Sue. Could you share the link?

      I think a redesign can even restore some pride within your profession. Personally, I could compare how my skills advanced between designs and updated written content.

  3. Thanks for the guidelines for the redesign. I’ll bookmark this for when I decide to do one for my site. I found the insights from the Peek free user testing quite useful.

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