What Can a Business Card Do for You?

Tried and true, the business card still stands as one of your best marketing resources. A well designed business card exchanged with a good hand shake makes a lasting impression on your potential client.

But what else can a business card do for you?

Packaging & Hang Tags 

Business cards are the perfect size for hang tags. Punch a hole in them, attach some beautiful string, and voila you have the perfect tag for your products.

You can also staple these business cards to your retail shopping bags or take-out bags for a finishing touch that’ll inspire customers to return. Refresh them seasonally to always stay current.

Business Card Hang Tag

Bag Stuffers

Bag stuffers are a great way to get repeat customers! When a shopper makes a purchase, slip a card into their bag for them to look at later. These stuffers can include details for an upcoming sale, the history of your store, your contact information, and so much more.


A coupon fits very nicely on a 3×2.5″ card. Display them on a counter or window for customers to take when they walk in the store, reward your customers by giving them one when they purchase your products, or give them to other businesses to display to get customers moving all over town.

Great for:

  • Referral programs with local partnering businesses
  • Quick distribution at high-traffic areas to promote a new product or discount
  • Distribute with every in-store purchase, 'Enjoy 10% off your next online purchase' 

Loyalty Cards

No matter what you sell, people love the challenge of filling a loyalty card and will work hard for that free product, which is all to your benefit in the long run.

Business cards offer the ideal size – customers can collect stamps, stickers or punch holes as they go, and store the card in their wallet. 

 Referral Cards

Give your business a boost with referral cards. This is set-up as an ordinary business card, but on the back there is a line for someone to write their name or email. Give your card to a favourite customer and they pass it along, but before they do they write their name on the card. When the referred customer comes in with the card, you give them both a discount!

Thank You Inserts

Small efforts make a difference, and thanking customers for their business is always appreciated.

Customize a business card design with a simple message of appreciation that will complement your product packaging. You can even include a special promotional offer in your cards to encourage repeat purchases. Place it on top so that it's the first thing your customers see when they open up their order. 

Thank You Business Card Alternative

Successful businesses are innovative, creative and hard working.

With a little imagination, business cards can do a lot more than just get your name out there. They can get your message – whatever that may be – into the hands and minds of your customers at every opportunity. 

Looking for your own custom and unique business card?

I'd love to hear all about your newest adventure.

7 thoughts on “What Can a Business Card Do for You?”

  1. I do find that getting business cards help out. I have handed them out when someone has asked about my website.

  2. I love the ideas you have here! Offering a coupon on your business card is a great way to have people hang onto your card.

  3. This is a great article!! Business cards are so important. It’s a way to make sure people remember you.. I’ve had great success with handing mine out as much as possible.

  4. My daughter intends on being a fashion designer and these tag ideas would be perfect for her clothing lines! I’ll pass this post on to her. I myself use business cards as well, but for my blog not products.

  5. These are all fantastic ideas and would help anyone make a lasting impression. I recently made magnetic business cards for my mom, who is a writer with her book covers displayed on them then handing them out to potential readers and friends to use on their refrigerator to remember her books. I love all of your examples, especially the packaging tags – Thank you so much for sharing!

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